mm Observing Techniques and Applications

September 30 - October 7, 2005

Pradollano (Sierra Nevada, Spain)

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The purpose of the school is to attract new users to current and future mm-telescopes. This third school in IRAM Spain will concentrate on single dish mm-astronomy.

There will be a lecture course on mm-techniques and applications to different areas of research, scientific highlight talks, observations with the IRAM 30-m telescope and a lab course on "Data analysis and interpretation".
Report on our 2001 Summerschool as a Success Story (European Commission: "Training Researcher: High-level scientific conferences" EUR20724, 2004, page 16/17) 


  • mm-astronomical observing techniques
  • Inter- and circumstellar chemistry
  • Physical conditions of the interstellar medium
  • dust continuum observations
  • The early universe

Lecturers: M. Guelin (IRAM, Grenoble), P. Cox (IRAM), E. Krügel (MPIfR Bonn), C. Thum (IRAM), A. Weiss (IRAM), T.L. Wilson (ESO, Garching),

LOC: J. Lobato (), R. Mauersberger () ...
SOC: F. Combes (Obs. de Paris), A. Eckart (Cologne), M. Grewing (Grenoble), R. Mauersberger (Granada), M. Moles (IAA, Granada), T.L. Wilson (ESO, Munich)

Applications will be accepted from young scientists with little previous experience in mm-astronomy. The course is limited to 40 students, who will be selected on the basis of their CV and references.




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